The Telecommunications area of the Office of Information Technology is responsible for ongoing operational support, maintenance and development of the College's telephone and voice mail system. This includes the management of the physical infrastructure that supports voice services, the telephone and voice mail system and equipment, and the College's relationship with our local and long distance communications providers. Questions regarding any of these services should be directed to the OIT Help Desk at ext. 4900 or email at helpdesk@camdencc.edu.

Campus Phone Directory

Instructions on Phone Use

The following is a list of model numbers which designate the phone models used at Camden County College. The model number of most phones is located in the upper right hand corner. Simply choose your model number and you will be linked to an instruction document for that model. The directions for the audix system is also included with the first link selection.

Voice Mail Instructions

Blackwood Phones

Camden Phones

Cherry Hill Phones