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Wellspring Fitness Center

The Wellspring staff is dedicated to assisting the individual in understanding and implementing exercise programs that will bring about the desired lifestyle changes that will enhance the quality of life.
By maintaining and developing wellness services, we hope to provide a supportive atmosphere that is conducive to the development of a positive "wellness" attitude.
Our professional staff is composed of individuals with specialized training in Exercise Physiology and an interest in helping you reach your fitness goals. A complete fitness evaluation will include the following:

* Cardiorespiratory Fitness Testing
* Flexibility Assessment
* Body Composition Measurements
* Strength & Muscle Endurance AssessmentThe staff also offers:

* Individualized Exercise Program Development
* Nutritional Counseling
* Stress Management

Hours of operation of the Wellspring Fitness Center are posted on a monthly basis.
March 2014

All students, College personnel and Alumni must have a current ID card and must
show their ID to person in charge in order to use the facilities


2 Stairmaster 4000
4 Stationary Bicycles
Concept II Rower
2 Treadmills
Paramount Single Station
Weight Machine


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