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Transfer Students

We know financing your education was an important factor in your decision to attend college. We want to make your transfer to our college as seamless as possible. Some students do not realize that there are additional steps to the process when transferring to another college, such as how to bring your financial aid information with you. Our Office of Financial Aid is able to assist you, once the steps listed below are completed.

Mid Year Transfer

If you are transferring in the middle of an academic year, (ie. after the Fall term), you need to complete the following steps to ensure your financial aid will be in place for the Spring term.

You should start this process as early as possible.

  • Review the 6 Easy Steps
    File a FAFSA
  • If you have already filed a FAFSA at your present school, you need to change the school listed to Camden County College (school code 006865). This can be done online at .
  • If you had a TAG grant at your current school Camden County College needs to be added so that your grant can be paid here Contact HESAA to make this update at 800-792-8670.  
  • Provide the Registrar’s Office with a copy of your most recent transcript from all previous schools.
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office at the current school about your plan to transfer, so that they can cancel your future aid.

It is important to note for Direct Loan funding that the number of credits that are accepted as transfer credits will be used to determine your grade level, not the number of credits you have completed at your previous school.

End of Academic Year Transfer

If you are planning to transfer to Camden County College for the next academic year, you must complete the following steps:

  • Review the 6 Easy Steps
    File a FAFSA and list Camden County College (school code 006865) as the intended school.
  • Provide the Office of Student Records and Registration with a copy of your most recent transcript from all previous schools.