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Conditions Governing Student’s Aid


This award is based upon information provided by the student’s financial aid application (FAFSA). The College reserves the right to revise or cancel this award if it discovers any errors or inconsistencies in the information submitted.

Federal and State guidelines frequently require that the College obtains certain information for the purpose of verifying the contents of a student’s financial aid application. For example, a student who indicates that he or she filed a tax return may need to request a tax transcript. In cases where students are requested to provide additional information and fail to do so, their award will be cancelled.

An estimated award is an approximate amount of what we anticipate students will receive from that source. Other actions may be necessary in order for the award to actually be received.

The Business Office has been notified of each student’s award. Amounts that have been received by the College will be credited to students’ accounts some time after the drop/add period for a semester. Tuition, fees, books, and other applicable costs will be deducted from awards. The remainder will be disbursed to students on specified dates throughout the academic year, in the form of stipend checks.

Aid from outside sources will not be credited if the College has not received the funds. Students are responsible for the amount of their bills in excess of the financial aid award.

Pell grants will not be recalculated after the add/drop date of a term (census date). If a student increases or decreases enrollment status after census, the student will be paid based on the financial aid calculation at the time of the census date.

If students have received, or subsequently receive, a scholarship or other form of financial aid from a source outside the College, they are required to report this to the Office of Financial Aid. In such cases, the College reserves the right to review its award. Failure to report aid received from an outside source may be cause for cancellation of college aid awarded.

Renewal of this award for ensuing years requires annual reapplication through the FAFSA, by published deadlines. The form and/or amount of financial aid may change in subsequent years to reflect changes of financial need and other circumstances.

Aid may be refused or cancelled for poor scholarship, disciplinary action, withdrawal, or failure to attend class.

If students have received a Federal Work Study award, they are eligible to continue their employment only until they have earned the indicated amount

If students should change their mailing address, they must complete an Address Change Form and submit it to the Records and Registration Office.

The College reserves the right to revise or cancel any student’s awards in compliance with federal and state regulations and the College’s policies and procedures. When a student’s award is either revised or cancelled, they will receive a Revised Award Letter. The most recent Revised Award Letter will take precedence over any previous ones.