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Book Voucher Policy

Camden County College offers students receiving financial aid the opportunity to use a portion of the excess funds to buy books and supplies at any campus bookstore (Blackwood, Camden or Cherry Hill).  In order to qualify for a book voucher, students must be awarded financial aid, registered for classes, and have a valid student ID card to present at the time of purchase. The book voucher program is available two weeks prior to the start of the 15-Week Semester.  Book vouchers expire October 1st for the Fall Semester and March 1st for the Spring Semester. Notification is sent via e-mail to student’s Camden County College e-mail address when the voucher is ready.

The amount of the book voucher is based on the student’s total credits registered for the term.  There is a maximum book voucher amount; students will be given a book voucher up to the amount they are eligibly registered for, or for the difference between their tuition and fees and their financial aid.

Students are advised to use these funds to purchase school related items like books and supplies; financial aid funds are not intended to cover non-educational expenses.  Students are encouraged to keep all receipts from the book store, in case they need to return any items.

CCC will refund, by check, any unused credit from the book voucher, along with any other financial aid refund that students are entitled to.  If financial aid is reduced or cancelled, students will remain personally responsible to pay for all outstanding tuition, fees, book and stipend amounts that incurred at CCC.