Communications Department

The Office of Communications and Enrollment Development oversees the Publications Center and the College website.

Publications produced through this office include:


• Academic Program Guide
• Camden County College Magazine
• College Catalog
• College View Books
• Continuing Education Tabloid
• Credit Schedules of Classes
• E-communications, including:
Campus Call Out
Social networking activities, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
• Numerous brochures, flyers and other publications
• President's Report
• Student Handbook


Services provided by these departments include:

• Copying of larger jobs, via a copy request form (two-day turn-around)
• Printing
• Publications design
• Website design and updates


The College seeks to shape and maintain coordinated and accurate publications.
Please use the Writing Style Guidelines when preparing the copy for your publication.

Please read the Branding Style Guidelines when using the College logo.