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NEW! Veterinary Exam Room Assistant Training Program

Animal Cruelty Investigator

Learn how to become part of the solution to end animal cruelty.  This course is structured for those individuals wishing to understand the issue of animal cruelty and the animal cruelty laws.  This course is approved by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and the New Jersey Police Training Commission.  This course is intended for anyone wishing to understand the issue of animal cruelty, the laws and their enforcement.  This includes animal control officers, kennel managers, shelter workers, rescue group personnel and animal welfare volunteers.  For certification, individuals must attend all classes.  Successful completion o this course is required for appointment as an Animal Cruelty Investigator by a New Jersey municipality and meets the requirements of N.J.A.C.  8:23A2.6.


Location: Blackwood   CE.ALH 079


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New Jersey State Certified Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Officer (ACO) course is approved by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.   This course in intended for anyone interested in the welfare of animals as well as those who wish to pursue ACO as a career.  This includes kennel managers, shelter workers, rescue group personnel and animal welfare volunteers.  There is no pre-requisite or prior experience necessary for this class.  For certification, individuals must attend all classes.  Individuals must also arrange for and complete 20 hour field training components in addition to the classroom hours to receive certification.  In addition, individuals completing the course receive certification by the American Red Cross for Pet Frist Aid and Incident Command Systems 100 and National Incident Management 700 by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group.  Successful completion of this course meets the requirements of the N.J.A.C. 8:23A-2.2  for appointment as an Animal Control Office by a New Jersey municipality.


Location:  Blackwood   CE.ALH 058

Peace in the Pack I – Connecting with your Dog

Learn how to create a more positive connection with your dog through clear communication and explore creative ways to eliminate negative behavior.  Learn the importance of body language, verbal cues and how energy is recognized and conveyed.  Understand how positive reinforcement, combined with structure exercise, safe boundaries, affection and calm gentle leadership will lead to your dog’s success.  Nan Talleno is the resident animal behavior expert and pet reporter for top-rated KYW NewsRadio and hosts the popular “Teacher’s Pet”, a program on training tips and techniques.

Blackwood location  CE.ALH 074

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Peace in the Pack II – Connecting with your Dog

This course is a follow-up to Peace in the Pack I.  In this course we will delve deeper into canine behavior and body language and view various types of aggression, phobias and aggressive behaviors.  There will be an introductory overview of natural approaches to caring for our pet, providing a discussion of the basic principles of natural health care, the importance of proper diet and nutrition, the effective use of massage therapy, aromatherapy as well as the use of touch and scent to improve communication and overall health.

Blackwood location  CE.ALH 075

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Survey Course in Animal-Assisted Therapy and Activities

This introductory course introduces students to the human companion-animal bond and its therapeutic aspirations. The course serves as a starting point for individuals seeking vocational or voluntary opportunities in this interdisciplinary field. Students typically are the general public seeking to make their lives and work more meaningful through AAT, health care workers, allied health professionals, humane and human service workers, therapists, veterinary technicians and animal care workers. Through the study of the human-animal bond and its therapeutic applications from historical, theoretical and practical perspectives, students will be able to develop and enhance quality AAT and AAA programs. The course includes seminars with a high level of student participation, demonstrations, lectures, guest speakers and videos. 


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