Professional Career Programs

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Web/Graphic Design

Adobe CS4 Web Design and Development
This course will introduce Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), explore and learn the basics of HTML coding as it's used to build HTML websites. Students will be creating their own HTML websites, using cross  platform tools and programs. This class will teach the skills needed to design front end sites using Adobe Photoshop, and put it together in Adobe Dreamweaver. Students will learn to design website layouts in Photoshop, cut up images to incorporate into the CSS of Dreamweaver, as well as place images and text using Dreamweaver. 8 CEU's.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is required for this class.
Must be familiar with Windows XP or higher, and performing simple operations such as dragging files, formats and directories, navigating files and programs.
Hours: 80
Course #: CE.CPG 102
Total Cost: $1,699 (Tuition $699, Lab Fees $925, Text & Materials $75)
Not Eligible for Senior Citizen Discount

Advanced Web Development
This course is aimed at designers and beginner developers looking to advance their practices on the web. The course will aim to cover both front-end and back-end development using HTML/CSS. Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. 6 CEU's.

Students will understand structure vs. design and how to develop standards compliant websites.

Using javascript, students will understand basic programming techniques and develop on a client-side basis. Students will learn to make websites more dynamic and interactive to the user as well as verify the website is being used correctly.

Combining the PHP scripting language with the MySQL database management system, students will be able to develop skills in server-side scripting. These techniques can be used to create user databases, registrations, and login forms on websites.

Prerequisite: Web Design and Development
Hours: 60
Course#: CE.CPG 202
Total Cost: $1,099 (Tuition $354, Lab Fees $670, Text & Materials $75)
Not Eligible for Senior Citizen Discount

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Prerequisite: Experience in Windows and word processing. This course will introduce PC users to the world's #1 image editing program. Course topics will include screen and print resolutions, calibration, palettes and file formats. Additional topics and skills will include photo restoration and basic image editing techniques. 1.5 CEU's
Cherry Hill, Rohrer Center, Room 212
CE.CMS 048-21 9/16 – 10/14

Adobe Photoshop Level II
This course will teach more in-depth Photoshop techniques, expanding upon the lessons learned from Introduction to Photoshop. Students will learn how to use some of the more complicated tools, for editing and retouching, as well as creating new content. Topics covered will include image manipulation by adjusting color and editing photos; using advanced tools such as pen tool, blur tool, smudge tool, sharpen tool, dodge tool, burn tool and sponge tool; and using filters and selections such as subtracting, feather, and stroking. 1.5 CEU
Cherry Hill, Rohrer Center
CE.CMS 072-41

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Interior Decorating

Certificate in Interior Decorating
The Certificate program for interior decorating is designed for those who wish to enrich their decorating skills, work in the field of interior decorating, or start their own interior decorating business. You will learn the elements of interior decorating and how to develop your design sense. Through lectures, projects, and hands-on demonstration, we will study color theory and schemes, harmonious designs, and motifs. The following course topics will be included: The Decorating Process, The Measuring Process, Design Principles, Color theory and design, Lighting, Textiles, Flooring, Walls and ceilings, Windows, doors, and fireplaces, Furniture selection, Space planning, Accessorizing and Starting your decorating business To aid in the decorating process instruction, students may wish to purchase a magnetic room design kit. Instructor will provide information on the kit during the class. 3 CEU
CE.PRO 091-51

Color Theory

Many people are intimidated about choosing paint colors for their home. After completing this class, you will feel more confident and motivated to try color. This course is an introduction to color theory and its application to interior decorating. We will examine the color wheel and color groups. You will learn about the effects of color in a room, how it affects you psychologically, and how to paint an open floor plan. You will need to purchase a color wheel from Michael's Arts and Crafts or AC Moore and also obtain a paint color chart/deck from a paint store.
CE.PRO 092-51


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Real Estate

Purchasing and Financing Residential Real Estate
This seminar will focus on how to finance and/or refinance residential 1-4 family homes. Individuals will learn about the various loan programs available for financing residential and "fixer-uppers." Credit scores and ratios and their effect on qualifying for loans will be discussed. Instruction will be given on how to make sense of the mortgage process from beginning to end. .6 CEU
CE.REL 012-51   

Purchasing Foreclosures and Sheriff Sales
This specialized seminar will assist participants in learning the secrets of Sheriff Sales, Tax Sales, and Mortgage Foreclosures. Specific topics will include learning the "must" steps in sheriff sales, conditions of sheriff sales, and types of properties at sheriff sales. In addition, we will examine REOs (real estate owned properties), negotiating the acquisition of a REO property, and using creative strategies for profits in REOs. A review of pre-foreclosures and procedures will also be included. .6 CEU
CE.REL 010-51

Steps for the Homebuyer
Thinking of buying a home for the first time? Have you not bought one in decades? Learn the steps needed to buy a home and what to expect from your agent. Today's issues and buyer's etiquette will also be discussed while in the buying process.
CE.REL 014-51   

Real Estate Staging
Real estate staging is the art and science of making a home more inviting and appealing to potential buyers to assist in selling in today's challenging market. You will learn the benefits of preparing your home before listing it. Learn coloring, placement, and organization techniques to highlight the best features of your home. A well staged home will sell in the shortest time for the highest price.
CE.ENR 148-51 

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Real Estate Appraising

Offering continuing professional education (CPE) for licensed appraisers as well as courses for appraisal licensing
The Division of Continuing Education in association with the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers (NAIFA) offers educational programs that comply with the state and federal requirements for real estate appraising licensure and certification.

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Travel Agent Education

Travel is, of course, one of the widely utilized and largest businesses in the world today. The travel industry includes a host of various businesses such as airline companies, rail services, international hotel chains, cruise lines, international theme parks, tour operators, and our neighborhood travel agency. As a result, the field of travel can be both exciting and rewarding. Careers in travel continue to be in demand as all forms of transportation are experiencing growth. This 52 hour program will provide you with the newest information in the travel industry and will also prepare you to take the Travel Career Development Test offered by the ICTA (Institute of Certified Travel Agents). A certificate of completion for the travel agent program will be issued to those individuals who successfully complete the program.

The Travel Career Development Program consists of the following seven courses:

Introduction to Travel and Tourism
Air Travel
Travel Geography
Hotels, Motels, and Resorts
Land and Sea Travel
Customer Service and Selling

CE.TRA 001-51


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Commercial Truck Driving
The Camden County College Commercial Driving School is a partnership between Camden County College and Bradway Trucking Inc. Students will prepare to pass the NJ DMV required written and road test necessary to obtain the CDL-A license. In addition, students will receive the realistic experiences of a truck driver. Students will take short trips which involve picking up and delivering loads to customers, pulling loads with gross vehicle weights of up to 80,000 lb, and driving to such places as NYC/North Jersey metro to the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.

″ A desire to embark on a challenging and rewarding career change.
″ Minimum age of 21 years old
″ Possess a valid automobile license with an acceptable license abstract
″ Pass D.O.T. physical and drug test
″ Must be able to read, write and comprehend English

Students will train at a seven acre trucking terminal, spending their final weeks on the road. The practice area is in an isolated, low traffic area to make for a comfortable learning environment, while students are negotiating basic maneuvers during the early weeks. School trucks are not limited to this area only, especially after the first weeks when we move to the road course. It is then that we set up the 3/10-mile course that simulates actual traffic situations, including tight right and left turns with the normal truck and car traffic associated with a truck terminal. This road course allows each student to become familiar with the trucks they will be driving before they hit the highway. This involves shifting up and down though the gears, as well as maneuvering a 48 - 53 foot trailer around corners and between other vehicles. As students drive through the course, accompanied by an instructor who provides encouragement not only on driving techniques, but also defensive driving procedures. After students have become proficient with basic backing skills, they can then move to actual dock backing between trailers. Once again, the normal traffic associated with the truck terminal adds to the learning experience as students' practice doing what truckers do many times a day, putting their trailers into docks to deliver freight. 17 CEU's
Hours: 170
Course #: CE.CTD 001
Total Cost: $4,275 (Tuition $1725, Lab Fees $2475, Texts, CDL Permit, CDL License: $75)
Location: Bradway Trucking – Vineland, NJ

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AutoCAD Designers are in demand by today's top manufacturing, design, and drafting companies. AutoCAD software lets you design, visualize and document your ideas clearly and efficiently. With AutoCAD 2012 you'll move to new heights of productivity. New features help conceptualize and visualize designs, accelerate tasks and allow commands to be easily found. 2.4 CEU's

Who should take these courses?
Designers • Architects • Interior Designers • Contractors • Landscapers • Engineers

AutoCAD courses on this page are Not Eligible for Senior Citizen Discount


AutoCad Level 1:
Introduction to 2D Design
in AutoCad
Hours: 24
Course #: CE.CAD 001
Total Cost: $599
(Tuition $254, Lab Fees $270, Text & Materials $75)

Not Eligible for Senior Citizen Discount

AutoCad Level 2:
Advanced 2D Design in AutoCad
Hours: 24
Course #: CE.CAD 002
Total Cost: $599
(Tuition $254, Lab Fees $270, Text & Materials $75)

Not Eligible for Senior Citizen Discount

AutoCad Level 3:
3D Design in AutoCad
Hours: 24
Course #: CE.CAD 003
Total Cost: $599
(Tuition $254, Lab Fees $270, Text & Materials $75)

Introduction to Revit
Revit is an architectural package that works the way you think, so you can create naturally, design freely, and delver efficiently. And because it is purpose-built for building information modeling, any change you make – anytime, anywhere – is automatically coordinated throughout your project. Designs and documentation stay coordinated, consistent, and complete. This course is an introduction to the design and annotation components of this program.
Hours: 24
Course #: CE.CAD 018
Total Cost: $699
(Tuition $280, Lab Fees $344, Text & Materials $75)

Not Eligible for Senior Citizen Discount.


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Manufacturing Technology Courses

CNC stands for computer numerical control. It is a versatile system that allows you to control the motion of tools and parts through computer programs that use numeric data. In today's world of global competition, a company can not survive without "state-of-the-art" technically trained machine operators. Camden County College's goal is to provide this training. These practical, hands-on classes give our students the knowledge they need to perform these high demand jobs.

CNC Operations
This course teaches operation of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mills, lathes, machining centers, operation of machine tools with controllers, file management, fixture and tool offsets, feeds and speeds,and safety. 2.4 CEU
Blackwood Location, CIM Factory Floor
CE.MFG 003-51


CNC Programming
This course teaches RS274D standard codes (M&G codes), advanced techniques in CNC programming and Computer Aided Manufacturing
(CAM). 2.4 CEU
Blackwood Location, CIM Factory Floor
CE.MFG 004-51

MasterCAM Mill Level I
This course offers an introduction to CAM programming, MS-DOS, MS Windows, and the MasterCAM menu structure. Topics covered in depth are geometry and tool path definition for machined parts, construction plane definitions, CNC code generation, and communicating CNC code to the machine tool controller. Examples used support the 3 axis capabilities of MasterCAM. 2.1 CEU
Blackwood Location, CIM Factory Floor
CE.MFG 005-51
6 sessions

MasterCAM Mill Level II
Prerequisite: MasterCAM Mill experience This course teaches the use of MasterCAM's advanced surfacing capabilities including NURBS and Parametric surfaces, 3D geometry creation,
3D tool paths, construction planes to control tool axis orientation, complex surface creation and manipulation including the Coon's patch surface, intersection of surfaces, surface projections, surface shading and MCTV. 2.1 CEU
Blackwood Location, CIM Factory Floor
CE.MFG 006-51
6 sessions

CNC/CAM Programming Project Study
This specialized 60-hour course will focus on instruction in CNC machine setup and CNC manual programming for both mills and lathes. CAM programming concepts will be introduced using MasterCAM software. In addition, full 3D wire frames will be constructed and surfaced with all current surfacing technology. 6.0 CEU
Blackwood Location, CIM Factory Floor
CE.MFG 008
15 sessions


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