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 david-nugiel1 DAVID NUGIEL:
Following Pharmaceutical Career with Teaching Career


Professor David Nugiel of the Chemistry Department worked for more than 20 years as a research chemist for DuPont and Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals. His longtime dream to teach upon retirement came sooner than expected due to thechanging environment of the pharmaceutical industry.

Though a native of the East Coast of the United States, Professor Nugiel also lived in Israel for 11 years. Since returning from abroad, he has been a member of the Camden County College faculty for the last four years.

“I find the students at CCC hard-working, motivated and lots of fun,” he says. “I always wanted to teach as a second career, and my experience at the College has been very rewarding.”



Taking Pride in Her Students

Deb Sweeney has been a member of Camden County College’s faculty for the last 13 years. In that time, the microbiology professor for pre-nursing and environmental science has come to enjoy the very diverse student population that is found at CCC. She gets to experience this diversity and the lightbulb moments of her students entirely in person. This is because the four-credit course that she teaches isn’t offered online, only in the classroom.

“I enjoy watching our students flourish,” she said. “I love seeing the expressions on their faces when they understand that which they didn’t think they could, along with the pride that shines from them when they receive their degrees at commencement.”

Sweeney also enjoys guiding her students as they choose their careers, particularly when they express interest in becoming environmental technicians. Job opportunities for them, she said, are readily available.


“In that particular field,” she said, “employees are out checking soil samples and fluids from industry as well as completing many other environmental science projects