Business, Computers & Technical Studies Division Programs

ABA.AS - Business Administration
ACC.AAS - Accounting
ACC.CA - Computerized Accounting Specialist Certificate Achievement
ADA.AAS - Office Systems Technology: Administrative Assistant
AET.CA - Alternative Energy Engineering Technology
AUT.AAS - Automotive Technology (Apprentice)
BPM.AAS - Management: Business Paraprofessional Management Option
BUS.AS - LAS/Business Administration Option
CAD.AAS - CADD: Computer Aided Drafting and Design
CAD.CA - CADD: Computer Aided Drafting & Design Certif of Achieve
CAM.CA - Computer Aided Manufacturing Tech Certificate of Achieve
CAP.CT - Computer Applications Programming Certificate
CGR.AA - LAS/Computer Graphics Option
CGR.AAS - Computer Graphics
CGR.CT - Computer Graphics Certificate
CIM.AAS - Computer Integrated Manufacturing/Engineering Technology
CIM.CT - Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology Certificate
CIS.AAS - Computer Information Systems
CPG.CT - Computer Programming Certificate
CSC.AA - Computer Science (A.A.)
CSC.AS - Computer Science (A.S.)

CSC.CA - Computer Science Certificate of Achievement
CST.AAS - Computer Systems Technology
CST.CT - Computer Systems Technology Certificate
EET.AAS - Engineering Technology: Electrical Electronic Engineering
EGR.AS - Engineering Science
ELP.AA - LAS/Computer Graphics Option: Electronic Publishing
EME.AAS - Engineering Technology: Electromechanical Engineering
FBR.AAS - Photonics: Laser/Electro-Optic Technology Fiber Optic Opt
FIN.AAS - Finance
FIR.AAS - Fire Science Technology
FRA.AAS - Fire Science Technology: Administration Option
FRA.AS - Fire Science Administration
GAT.CA - Automotive General Technician Certificate of Achievement
GDD.AAS - Computer Graphics: Game Design & Development
GMA.AAS - Automotive Technology: GM/ASEP Option
IFP.AAS - Office Systems Technology Admin Assist: Info Process Opt
INF.AS - LAS/Business Administration Option: Information Systems
LFO.CT - Photonics: Fiber Optic Technical Specialist Certificate
MET.AAS - Engineering Technology: Mechanical Engineering
MGT.AAS - Management
MKT.AAS - Marketing
MOS.CA - Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate of Achievement
PAR.AAS - Paralegal Studies
PCM.AAS - Computer Information Systems: Personal Computer Option
PCS.CT - Personal Computer Specialist Certificate
PHT.AAS - Photonics: Laser/Electro-Optic Technology
PLC.CA - Industrial Controls: Programmable Logic Control Certificate of Achievement
RDB.CA - Relational Database Mgt Sys Using ORACLE Certificate of Achievement
SAT.CT - Office Assistant Certificate
SBM.AAS - Management: Small Business Management Option
TES.AAS - Technical Studies
UNX.CA - Linux/UNIX Administration Certificate of Achievement
VIT.AAS - Video Imaging
WEB.AAS - Web Design and Development
WEB.CT - Web Design Development Certificate