Music Department

Music Option

Degree: Associate in Arts
College Code: MUS.AA

Program Description
The Camden County College music program emphasizes a practical approach to music. It is important for students to experience musical learning hands-on. Music students at Camden County College are exposed to lectures, discussions, professional clinics and performances based on traditions and figures of
musical history.

Program Information
An in-depth study of music theory, aural training, and music history serves as a foundation for students to develop their own artistic personalities. The curriculum explores the development of
classroom music activities (singing, playing, composing, etc.) and a wide variety of performance experience. Students take part in numerous large and small music ensembles performing regularly throughout each semester. Through the use of music technology in our classrooms, students are able to compose, record, and listen to music in any learning situation. Graduates of this program successfully transfer to four-year institutions.

Employment Opportunities

  • Composer/Arranger
  • Conductor
  • Music Librarian
  • Music Therapist
  • Newspaper Critic/Reporter
  • Producer
  • Professional Musician/Recording Artist
  • Sound Mixer
  • Teacher--Elementary, Secondary, Post Secondary, and Studio
  • Tuner/Technician/Instrumental Repair

Contact Person
Dr. Judith Rowlands, Assistant Dean
(856) 227-7200, ext. 4364