Graduate Testimonials

What Our Graduates are Saying:

"CCC teaches you what you need to know to go out and get a good position in the optical field."
Kyle Chambliss – Class of 2012

"I was very happy with the facilities provided and it made the two year program go by really fast. It was a pleasure attending the Ophthalmic Science program at Camden County College."
Matthew Burgess – Class of 2012

"The Ophthalmic Science program helps to compliment practical working experience with the underlying theory to help one understand the “why” in the optical industry."
Megan Barndt – Class of 2012

"I enjoyed the optical program here at CCC – especially the close knit community that was formed by having such a small program. All of the professors were always friendly and available to help us out with any questions we had whether it was school or work related."
Doreen Shenenberger – Class of 2013

"Camden County College was a great experience for me."
Derek Gordillo – Class of 2013

"Proud to say I went to CCC of Ophthalmic Science degree. A modern facility with spacious labs and wide array of functional equipment."
Paul Lucca – Class of 2013

"The program was fabulous. I learned so much and it made me enjoy what I do so much more. The professors were very passionate about the topics being taught to us at all times, which made it much easier to learn the information."
Kristina Oliver – Class of 2013

"Overall, I am very pleased with the program. It seems to flow nicely from semester to semester."
William Hagmaier – Class of 2014

"I have learned an immense amount of knowledge about optics in all facets. It has truly been an honor to be taught by (Ophthalmic faculty). I am not only going to be an excellent optician but an overall better individual."
Ricardo Alston – Class of 2014