Departmental Policies

Course Attendance

Your instructor determines the attendance policy for his or her classes. An instructor's attendance policy cannot be changed by the department chair or any member of the administration. At the beginning of the semester your instructor will give you a set of guidelines for the course.

Departmental Final Essays

All students enrolled in English Composition 101 and 102 must write the departmental final essay. The policy for each essay is described below.
Grade or Policy DisputesIn the event of a grade or policy dispute that cannot be resolved by the student and instructor, the student may appeal to the department chair, who may review the matter.

Credit by ExaminationA student wishing to earn credit by examination for English Composition 101 can take the CLEP examination. The CELP essay will be read by members of the English Department, and the student will be told whether it has been accepted for credit or rejected. This decision is final, and no commentary will be provided for a rejected essay. There is no credit by examination for English Composition 102.
Students in English Composition 101 and English Composition 102 must take and pass the Departmental Essay Examination. The essay examination is a departmental requirement that is separate from what the instructor requires. Around the middle of the semester you will receive examination registration information from your instructor. To read about the examination for your course, go to www2.camdencc.edu.

Departmental Final Essay Policy

English Composition 101 and 102 Essay Finals

  1. All students in composition courses are required to take the essay final for ENG-101 and the essay final for ENG-102.
  2. The essay final will count as 30% of the final grade for the course.
  3. Instructors must show how final grades are being calculated on their first-day class handouts so that students are aware of the policy and the impact of the final essay on their grade for the course.
  4. Extra credit assignments cannot be used to offset the weight of the final essay.
  5. There are no retests for the final essay.
  6. Students who do not take the final essay will receive a 0 for this requirement and will have the option of taking it by the end of the next semester.
  7. Scores for the final essay in each course are to be equated with the following grades:

Score Numerical Grade Equivalent Letter Grade Equivalent
12 100 A+
11 95 A
10 90 A-
9 85 B+
8 80 B
7 75 C
6 70 C-
5 65 D
Scores lower than 5
50 F