Computer Information Systems

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Computer Information Systems Programs of Study (CIS)

Using state-of-the-art hardware and software, the Computer Information Systems degree programs at Camden County College focus on technical knowledge such as database concepts, application and system software, system analysis and design, information systems, programming, select business courses, and broad-based liberal arts courses necessary to prepare students for employment in today's ever-changing computer world.

Transfer Degree:
MIS.AS - Management of Information Systems

Career Degree:
CIS.AAS - Computer Information Systems

Academic Certificate:
CPG.CT - Computer Information Systems

Career Certificate of Achievement:
SQL.CA - SQL Analyst and UNX.CA - Linux/UNIX Administration

Earning a certificate or an associate’s degree is the beginning of study for the Computer Information Systems field. As with all majors, further education will advance you in your career.

Computer Information Systems Overview

The fascinating field of Computer Information Systems focuses on integrating computer information technology solutions to meet the information needs of society in all fields of employment: Business, Education, Government, Library, Health, Science, Research, Art, Transportation, Entertainment, and various other enterprises. Computer Information System professionals are people-oriented and work to enable individuals and organizations achieve their goals and objectives in an effective and efficient way using state-of-the–art computer technology-enabled processes. Computer information systems specialists are the professionals who design, build, and implement information software solutions that are the driving force in organizations. Also, employers rely on them to analyze existing systems and discover new ways to optimize their performance.

Contact Persons
Professor Bernadette Carlin, SSJ, ext. 4423, Coordinator

Professor Melvin Howell, ext. 3105;