ESL Learning Facilities

Learning Facilities - Computer-Assisted Language Learning (C.A.L.L.) Labs
The ESL Department at Camden County College enjoys its own state-of-the-art learning facilities dedicated exclusively to English as a Second Language training.

ESL students have exclusive access to two Computer Assisted Language Learning (C.A.L.L.) labs at the Blackwood and the Camden campuses. These labs offer networked PC's for all ESL students and faculty to use for their classes and on their own. The labs feature state-of-the-art, user-friendly ESL software for all levels of students to enhance their reading, writing, listening, speaking, and research skills. For more information about the two CALL Labs, please contact Colleen Doyle at or at (856)227-7200 ext.4526.

The Blackwood C.A.L.L. lab is located in the library in room LRC 008. The Camden C.A.L.L. lab is located in the Main Building, Room 323. The hours for open lab access can be found printed next to the door of that lab. Please consult these printed listing of hours for any changes made to the regular lab hours.

Learning Facilities - Other

The ESL faculty also maintains active instructional use of audio, video, and Internet-based materials, both in and out of the classroom, at all levels of instruction. Additionally, students have access to the Tutoring Center on campus where they can get the free help and practice that they may need, with a focus on individualized study and one-on-one instruction.