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Assessment of student learning may be characterized as the third element of teaching-learning-assessment cycle:
1. Develop clearly articulated written statements, expressed in observable terms, of key learning outcomes: the knowledge, skills, and competencies that students are expected to exhibit upon successful completion of a course, academic program, co-curricular program, 

general education requirement, or other specific set of experiences

2. Design courses, programs, and experiences that provide intentional opportunities for students to achieve those learning outcomes,
3. Assess student achievement of those key learning outcomes
4. Use the results of those assessments to improve teaching and learning


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Reference Material

Student Success

CCC Fact Sheet

CCC Quick Facts

CCC Fact Book May 2013

CCC Institutional Profile by year

NJ Success Model - Fall 2008


Characteristics of Excellence

Document Roadmap


2012 Community College Completion Arch

AACU Principles of Excellence

Advancing by Degrees

College Board - Securing the Future Retention Models

College Board - The Completion Arch

High Impact Practices

Navigating Minimal Barriers to Community College Matriculation

Redesigning CCs for Completion

Removing our BA Blinders - CC Procedures to Improving Student Success

Scaling Community College Interventions

Stepping Stones to a Degree

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Services Areas Outcomes Assessment Form

P-SLO Assessment Checklist

Bloom's Taxonomy

Evidence Collection Templates:
Admissions and Retention (Standard 8)

Student Support (Standard 9)

Educational Support  (Standard 13)