Strategic Plan

Camden County College Strategic Plan

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 3, 2016
  • The 2010-2015 Strategic Plan for Camden County College was developed in collaboration with the College community and collaborative partners under the leadership of the President and executive team; and
  • WHEREAS, the Strategic Plan encompassed ten broad goals which were aligned with the College’s vision and mission and adopted by the Board of Trustees on June 4, 2010; and

  • WHEREAS, the College is currently revising the Mission, Vision and Goals and recommends the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan be extended to 2016 so a comprehensive evaluation of the plan and its outcomes can be conducted and reviewed by the Board of Trustees; and
  • WHEREAS, this extension will allow the College Community to conduct a final report out of its accomplishments based on the previously established goals while becoming engaged in a College-wide discussion regarding priorities for the next five years; and
  • NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Trustees of Camden County College that it extends the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan to fall 2016, with the intent to finalize a new Strategic Plan.
  • BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the proper officers of the College are, where appropriate, authorized to require or negotiate any necessary contract language or any other necessary further terms of contract and execute all such documents or other instruments and/or to make appropriate arrangements and/or to receive or make payments in order to effectuate this resolution of the Board of Trustees.

Strategic Plan Reporting Out 2016

Evaluation of Strategic Plan


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