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CTE New Jersey

This toolbox is intended to be a resource guide for teachers, administrators and college faculty in the Human Services Career Cluster fields. Resources are added and updated regularly and include information regarding the Career Cluster and its pathways, education and industry standards, curriculum development, student and program assessment and teaching resources.

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CTE: Learning that Works for America Video

CTE: Learning that works for America from NASDCTEc on Vimeo.

CTE: Making the Difference Video


CTE: Making the Difference from NASDCTEc on Vimeo.


Career and Technical Education Website:
Resources and tools for teachers, counselors, parents and students are available on the New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education website at

Common Career technical Core Standards

Career Ready Practices

Common Core State Standards and CTE

Human Services Print and Internet Resources

Career Cluster Ideas


New Jersey CTE Toolbox:
Provides information about national organizations and other CTE resources.

Directory of Licensed Occupations in New Jersey:
Provides information relating to licensure requirements in New Jersey.

New Jersey Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO):
Provides State Advisor contact information for CTSOs in New Jersey. 

New Jersey Career Assistance Navigation (NJCAN):
Provides information about the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce career assistance navigator. 

Nontraditional Career Resource Center at Rutgers: 

Provides a link to the Nontraditional Career Resource Center at Rutgers that provides information to increase awareness and opportunities for 7th through 12th grade students interested in nontraditional careers.


Structured Learning Experiences (SLE): Provides information relating to the following:

SLE courses and registration materials;
volunteer, community service and service learning forms;
unpaid SLE forms; paid SLE forms;
cooperative education experiences;
non-hazardous occupations forms;
cooperative education experiences,
hazardous occupations forms;
12th grade options unpaid career internships forms;
SLE site visit checklist;
SLE safety and health resources;
SLE wage and hour/child labor resources;
SLE handbooks.