Curriculum Materials and Methods - POS Course Units



Human Services Career Cluster

Early Childhood Development & Services Pathway

Classification of Instructional Program: “Child Development” 190706

Program of Study-Early Childhood Education Curriculum Model


Course Units

Unit Lessons

Understanding Early
Childhood Theories and Practice
     1. Child Development Topics
     2. Childhood Across the Centuries and Continents
    3. Developmental Disciplines in Early Childhood
    4. History’s Impact on Child Development Studies
    5. Exploring the Theoretical Impact of Curriculum Programming in Early Childhood Education 


    6. Identifying Early Childhood Curriculum Structures
    7. Trends and Challenges in Early Childhood Education

How We Learn
    1. Learning Needs and the Developing Brain
    2. Understanding Intellectual Development
    3. How Young Children Learn
    4. Learning Through Play
    5. Learning Styles
    6. Creative Learning Environments
    7. Promoting Learning Readiness and Engagement

 Curriculum Planning
and Learning Assessment

    1. The Role of TEACHER in Early Childhood Learning
    2. Observing Children [DAP]
    3. Curriculum Considerations
    4. The Lesson Plan
    5. Differentiated Learning
    6. Creating and Maintaining a Professional Portfolio
    7. Trends: Technology in Early Childhood Classroom




Role of Family in Learning

    1. Family Structures and Dynamics

    2. How the Family Has Changes Over the Decades
    3. Parenting styles and Learning Needs
    4. The Impact of Family Stress on Learning
    5. The WHOLE Child
    6. Dysfunctional Families
    7. Trends: How Families Learn Today