Child Development - POS Course Units



Human Services Career Cluster
Early Childhood Development & Services Pathway

Classification of Instructional Program: “Child Development” 190706

Program of Study-Early Childhood Education Curriculum Model


Course Units

Unit Lessons

Early Childhood Foundation
   1. The Study of Children, Observation and Theorists
   2. Understanding  and Developing Parenting Skills
   3. Pre-Natal Development and Preparing or Childbirth
   4. Child Care Options


Birth to Age 8

   1. The Baby’s Arrival
   2. The Infant and Mobile Infant Birth to Age One
   3. The Toddler Ages Two and Three
   4. The Preschool Child Ages Three to Five
   5. The School Age Child K to Grade Three


   1. Dual Language Learners [DLL]
   2. Cultural Diversity
   3. Family Engagement: Understanding Responsibilities of Parenting

Issues and Trends
in Early Childhood

   1. Careers in Early Childhood Education
   2. Beginning Your Career
   3. An Analysis of Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Education
   1. Introduction to Instructional Technology of Early Childhood Environments
   2. Introducing Children to Technology
   3. Ethical Considerations for Appropriate Adult use of Technology In Early Childhood