CTEP Grant Objectives

CTE New Jersey

CTEP Grant: Human Services Career Cluster Objectives

In accordance with the grant directives, Camden County College, as the CTEP Grant’s lead agency, will take on the following responsibilities:

  • Develop models for all districts in integrating academic and technical coursework under the direction of a statewide Career Cluster Advisory Committee;
  • Provide ongoing and relevant professional development offerings to secondary educators throughout the state. Offerings will be related to integration of academic and technical skills while focusing on Perkins IV and New Jersey Core
  • Curriculum Standards; and
  • Work with established Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) professionals throughout New Jersey.

The work plan for this statewide grant focuses on four goals:

  1. Establish a statewide Advisory Committee to develop a vision of statewide, standards-based, quality, secondary and postsecondary Human Services education and createan online tool kit for teachers, administrators, college faculty and students.
  2. Developmodel Programs of Study [POS] in Human Services Career Cluster.
  3. Plan and deliver statewide professional development for educators on curriculum design and alignment and career planning in Human Services programs.
  4. Enhancestudent leadership development through effective and efficient administration of the state chapter of the Career and Technical Student Organization of the cluster known as Family, Career and Community Leaders of America [FCCLA].